xcube level


Generate multi-resolution levels.

$ xcube level --help
Usage: xcube level [OPTIONS] INPUT

  Generate multi-resolution levels. Transform the given dataset by INPUT
  into the levels of a multi-level pyramid with spatial resolution
  decreasing by a factor of two in both spatial dimensions and write the
  result to directory OUTPUT.

  -o, --output OUTPUT             Output path. If omitted, "INPUT.levels" will
                                  be used.
  -L, --link                      Link the INPUT instead of converting it to a
                                  level zero dataset. Use with care, as the
                                  INPUT's internal spatial chunk sizes may be
                                  inappropriate for imaging purposes.
  -t, --tile-size TILE_SIZE       Tile size, given as single integer number or
                                  as <tile-width>,<tile-height>. If omitted,
                                  the tile size will be derived from the
                                  INPUT's internal spatial chunk sizes. If the
                                  INPUT is not chunked, tile size will be 512.
  -n, --num-levels-max NUM_LEVELS_MAX
                                  Maximum number of levels to generate. If not
                                  given, the number of levels will be derived
                                  from spatial dimension and tile sizes.
  --help                          Show this message and exit.


$ xcube level --link -t 720 data/cubes/test-cube.zarr

Python API

The related Python API functions are

  • xcube.core.level.compute_levels(),

  • xcube.core.level.read_levels(), and

  • xcube.core.level.write_levels().