xcube vars2dim


Convert cube variables into new dimension.

$ xcube vars2dim --help
Usage: xcube vars2dim [OPTIONS] CUBE

  Convert cube variables into new dimension. Moves all variables of CUBE
  into into a single new variable <var-name> with a new dimension DIM-NAME
  and writes the results to OUTPUT.

  --variable, --var VARIABLE  Name of the new variable that includes all
                              variables. Defaults to "data".
  -D, --dim_name DIM-NAME     Name of the new dimension into variables.
                              Defaults to "var".
  -o, --output OUTPUT         Output path. If omitted, 'INPUT-vars2dim.INPUT-
                              FORMAT' will be used.
  -f, --format FORMAT         Format of the output. If not given, guessed from
  --help                      Show this message and exit.

Python API

The related Python API function is xcube.core.vars2dim.vars_to_dim().