xcube prune

Delete empty chunks.


This tool will likely be integrated into xcube optimize in the near future.

$ xcube prune --help
Usage: xcube prune [OPTIONS] DATASET

  Delete empty chunks. Deletes all data files associated with empty (NaN-only)
  chunks in given DATASET, which must have Zarr format.

  -q, --quiet    Disable output of log messages to the console entirely. Note,
                 this will also suppress error and warning messages.
  -v, --verbose  Enable output of log messages to the console. Has no effect
                 if --quiet/-q is used. May be given multiple times to control
                 the level of log messages, i.e., -v refers to level INFO, -vv
                 to DETAIL, -vvv to DEBUG, -vvvv to TRACE. If omitted, the log
                 level of the console is WARNING.
  --dry-run      Just read and process input, but don't produce any output.
  --help         Show this message and exit.

A related Python API function is xcube.core.optimize.get_empty_dataset_chunks().