xcube verify


Perform cube verification.

$ xcube verify --help
Usage: xcube verify [OPTIONS] CUBE

  Perform cube verification.

  The tool verifies that CUBE
  * defines the dimensions "time", "lat", "lon";
  * has corresponding "time", "lat", "lon" coordinate variables and that they
    are valid, e.g. 1-D, non-empty, using correct units;
  * has valid  bounds variables for "time", "lat", "lon" coordinate
    variables, if any;
  * has any data variables and that they are valid, e.g. min. 3-D, all have
    same dimensions, have at least dimensions "time", "lat", "lon".
  * spatial coordinates and their corresponding bounds (if exist) are equidistant
     and monotonically increasing or decreasing.

  If INPUT is a valid xcube dataset, the tool returns exit code 0. Otherwise a
  violation report is written to stdout and the tool returns exit code 3.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

Python API

The related Python API functions are

  • xcube.core.verify.verify_cube(), and

  • xcube.core.verify.assert_cube().