xcube level


Generate multi-resolution levels.

$ xcube level --help
Usage: xcube level [OPTIONS] INPUT

  Generate multi-resolution levels.

  Transform the given dataset by INPUT into the levels of a multi-level
  pyramid with spatial resolution decreasing by a factor of two in both
  spatial dimensions and write the result to directory OUTPUT.

  INPUT may be an S3 object storage URL of the form "s3://<bucket>/<path>" or

  -o, --output OUTPUT             Output path. If omitted, "INPUT.levels" will
                                  be used. You can also use S3 object storage
                                  URLs of the form "s3://<bucket>/<path>" or
  -L, --link                      Link the INPUT instead of converting it to a
                                  level zero dataset. Use with care, as the
                                  INPUT's internal spatial chunk sizes may be
                                  inappropriate for imaging purposes.
  -t, --tile-size TILE_SIZE       Tile size, given as single integer number or
                                  as <tile-width>,<tile-height>. If omitted,
                                  the tile size will be derived from the
                                  INPUT's internal spatial chunk sizes. If the
                                  INPUT is not chunked, tile size will be 512.
  -n, --num-levels-max NUM_LEVELS_MAX
                                  Maximum number of levels to generate. If not
                                  given, the number of levels will be derived
                                  from spatial dimension and tile sizes.
  -A, --agg-methods AGG_METHODS   Aggregation method(s) to be used for data
                                  variables. Either one of "first", "min",
                                  "max", "mean", "median", "auto" or list of
                                  assignments to individual variables using
                                  the notation
                                  Defaults to "first".
  -r, --replace                   Whether to replace an existing dataset at
  -a, --anon                      For S3 inputs or outputs, whether the access
                                  is anonymous. By default, credentials are
  -q, --quiet                     Disable output of log messages to the
                                  console entirely. Note, this will also
                                  suppress error and warning messages.
  -v, --verbose                   Enable output of log messages to the
                                  console. Has no effect if --quiet/-q is
                                  used. May be given multiple times to control
                                  the level of log messages, i.e., -v refers
                                  to level INFO, -vv to DETAIL, -vvv to DEBUG,
                                  -vvvv to TRACE. If omitted, the log level of
                                  the console is WARNING.
  --help                          Show this message and exit.


$ xcube level --link -t 720 data/cubes/test-cube.zarr

Python API

The related Python API functions are

  • xcube.core.level.compute_levels(),

  • xcube.core.level.read_levels(), and

  • xcube.core.level.write_levels().