xcube edit

Please note, the xcube edit command has been deprecated since xcube 0.13. It will be removed in later versions of xcube. Please use xcube patch instead.


Edit metadata of an xcube dataset.

$ xcube edit --help
Usage: xcube edit [OPTIONS] CUBE

  Edit the metadata of an xcube dataset. Edits the metadata of a given CUBE.
  The command currently works only for data cubes using ZARR format.

  -o, --output OUTPUT      Output path. The placeholder "{input}" will be
                           replaced by the input's filename without extension
                           (such as ".zarr"). Defaults to
  -M, --metadata METADATA  The metadata of the cube is edited. The metadata to
                           be changed should be passed over in a single yml
  -C, --coords             Update the metadata of the coordinates of the xcube
  -I, --in-place           Edit the cube in place. Ignores output path.
  --help                   Show this message and exit.


The global attributes of the demo xcube dataset demo cube-1-250-250.zarr in the examples folder do not contain the creators name not an url. Furthermore the long name of the variable ‘conc_chl’ is ‘Chlorophylll concentration’, with too many l’s. This can be fixed by using xcube edit. A yml-file defining the key words to be changed with the new content has to be created. The demo yml is saved in the examples folder.

Edit the metadata of the existing xcube dataset cube-1-250-250-edited.zarr:

$ xcube edit /examples/serve/demo/cube-1-250-250.zarr -M examples/edit/edit_metadata_cube-1-250-250.yml -o cube-1-250-250-edited.zarr

The global attributes below, which are related to the xcube dataset coodrinates cannot be manually edited.

  • geospatial_lon_min

  • geospatial_lon_max

  • geospatial_lon_units

  • geospatial_lon_resolution

  • geospatial_lat_min

  • geospatial_lat_max

  • geospatial_lat_units

  • geospatial_lat_resolution

  • time_coverage_start

  • time_coverage_end

If you wish to update these attributes, you can use the commandline parameter -C:

$ xcube edit /examples/serve/demo/cube-1-250-250.zarr -C -o cube-1-250-250-edited.zarr

The -C will update the coordinate attributes based on information derived directly from the cube.

Python API

The related Python API function is xcube.core.edit.edit_metadata().