xcube tile


Generate a tiled RGB image pyramid from any xcube dataset.

The format and file organisation of the generated tile sets conforms to the TMS 1.0 Specification.

An optional configuration file given by the -c option uses YAML format.

$ xcube tile --help
Usage: xcube tile [OPTIONS] CUBE

  Create RGBA tiles from CUBE.

  Color bars and value ranges for variables can be specified in a CONFIG
  file. Here the color mappings are defined for a style named "ocean_color":

    - Identifier: ocean_color
          ColorBar: "plasma"
          ValueRange: [0., 24.]
          ColorBar: "PuBuGn"
          ValueRange: [0., 100.]
          ColorBar: "jet"
          ValueRange: [0., 6.]

  This is the same styles syntax as the configuration file for "xcube
  serve", hence its configuration can be reused.

  --variables, --vars VARIABLES  Variables to be included in output. Comma-
                                 separated list of names which may contain
                                 wildcard characters "*" and "?".
  --labels LABELS                Labels for non-spatial dimensions, e.g.
                                 "time=2019-20-03". Multiple values are
                                 separated by comma.
  -t, --tile-size TILE_SIZE      Tile size in pixels for individual or both x-
                                 and y-directions. Separate by comma for
                                 individual tile sizes, e.g. "-t 360,180".
                                 Defaults to the chunks sizes in x- and
                                 y-directions of CUBE, which may not be ideal.
                                 Use option --dry-run and --verbose to display
                                 the default tile sizes for CUBE.
  -c, --config CONFIG            Configuration file in YAML format.
  -s, --style STYLE              Name of a style identifier in CONFIG file.
                                 Only used if CONFIG is given. Defaults to
  -o, --output OUTPUT            Output path. Defaults to 'out.tiles'
  -v, --verbose                  Use -vv to report all files generated, -v to
                                 report less.
  --dry-run                      Generate all tiles but don't write any files.
  --help                         Show this message and exit.


An example that uses a configuration file only:

xcube tile https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/esdl-esdc-v2.0.0/esdc-8d-0.083deg-1x2160x4320-2.0.0.zarr

–labels time=’2009-01-01/2009-12-30’ –vars analysed_sst,air_temperature_2m –tile-size 270 –config ./config-cci-cfs.yml –style default –verbose


The configuration file config-cci-cfs.yml content is:

  • Identifier: default ColorMappings:


    ColorBar: “inferno” ValueRange: [270, 310]


    ColorBar: “magma” ValueRange: [190, 320]


Python API

There is currently no related Python API.