xcube extract


Extract cube points.

$ xcube extract --help
Usage: xcube extract [OPTIONS] CUBE POINTS

  Extract data points from an xcube dataset.

  Extracts data cells from CUBE at coordinates given in each POINTS record
  and writes the resulting values to given output path and format.

  POINTS must be a CSV file that provides at least the columns "lon", "lat",
  and "time". The "lon" and "lat" columns provide a point's location in
  decimal degrees. The "time" column provides a point's date or date-time.
  Its format should preferably be ISO, but other formats may work as well.

  -o, --output OUTPUT    Output path. If omitted, output is written to stdout.
  -f, --format FORMAT    Output format. Currently, only 'csv' is supported.
  -C, --coords           Include cube cell coordinates in output.
  -B, --bounds           Include cube cell coordinate boundaries (if any) in
  -I, --indexes          Include cube cell indexes in output.
  -R, --refs             Include point values as reference in output.
  --help                 Show this message and exit.


$ xcube extract xcube_cube.zarr -o point_data.csv -Cb --indexes --refs

Python API

Related Python API functions are

  • xcube.core.extract.get_cube_values_for_points(),

  • xcube.core.extract.get_cube_point_indexes(), and

  • xcube.core.extract.get_cube_values_for_indexes().