The xcube command-line interface (CLI) is a single executable xcube with several sub-commands comprising functions ranging from xcube dataset generation, over analysis and manipulation, to dataset publication.

Common Arguments and Options

Most of the commands operate on inputs that are xcube datasets. Such inputs are consistently named CUBE and provided as one or more command arguments. CUBE inputs may be a path into the local file system or a path into some object storage bucket, e.g. in AWS S3. Command inputs of other types are consistently called INPUT.

Many commands also output something, i.e. are writing files. The paths or names of such outputs are consistently provided by the -o OUTPUT or --output OUTPUT option. As the output is an option, there is usually a default value for it. If multiply file formats are supported, commands usually provide a -f FORMAT or --format FORMAT option. If omitted, the format may be guessed from the output’s name.

Cube generation

Cube computation

Cube inspection

Cube data extraction

Cube conversion

Cube publication