Viewer App

The xcube viewer app is a simple, single-page web application to be used with the xcube server.


To test the viewer app, you can use the xcube viewer demo. When you open the page a message “cannot reach server” will appear. This is normal as the demo is configured to run with an xcube server started locally on default port 8080, see Web API and Server. Hence, you can either run an xcube server instance locally then reload the viewer page, or configure the viewer with an an existing xcube server. To do so open the viewer’s settings panels, select “Server”. A “Select Server” panel is opened, click the “+” button to add a new server. Here are two demo servers that you may add for testing:

  • DCS4COP Demo Server ( providing ocean color variables in the North Sea area for the Data Cube Service for Copernicus (DCS4COP) EU project;

  • ESDL Server ( providing global essential climate variables (ECVs) variables for the ESA Earth System Data Lab.


Coming soon…

Build and Deploy

You can also build and deploy your own viewer instance. In the latter case, visit the xcube-viewer repository on GitHub and follow the instructions provides in the related README file.